Ada Oklahoma

White Rock Fitness Ada, OK

C.J. and I are spending a week in the town of Ada, OK and when searching for gyms in the area we were pleasantly surprised! This small town has a lot to offer. A gym named White Rock Fitness caught our eye and we were excited to try out a group fitness class.

White Rock Fitness is located in the heart of Ada and was founded by fitness/nutrition enthusiasts Arron and Star Edwards.   They offer a variety of group classes that cover running, weightlifting, agility, strength, and even have an adult gymnastics class!  We decided to test out the Competitors Class at 5:30AM... yes I said AM.  We woke up early and arrived at the gym around 5:15AM... I was nervous to test out the class, but as soon as we walked into the gym I felt more at ease with the friendly greeting from trainers Cameron and  Michael. 

What we loved about White Rock Fitness

  •  Knowledgeable and friendly Staff
  • Welcoming and encouraging gym community
  • Variety of group classes
  • Clean and open facility

If you are in the Ada Oklahoma area, make sure to stop by and try a class... you won't be disappointed... just a little sore... okay, maybe a lot sore! Thanks for a great session White Rock!

See more on White Rock Fitness and my workout, just click the video below...