Balance Dance Studios- Austin, TX

Austin, TX... My hometown and how I LOVE the fitness scene here.  Austin is known for their slogan of "Keep Austin Weird" but I'm thinking it should be more like "Keep Austin Fit".  This city has many unique fitness studios, healthy restaurants, and hike/bike trails, making it easy to stay active when visiting.   

CJ and I are spending a month in Austin and I decided to bring back my old dance team days by finding a studio that offers Adult fitness dance classes.  It didn't take long to find Balance Dance Studios.  After scrolling the website and speaking with the owner, I decided to take a class called "Body Beats" with fitness instructor Andi Loo.  This class is a GREAT cardio workout and incorporates upbeat songs.   The clients were extremely welcoming, which took a lot of pressure off of me to get the moves!  I'm definitely going to be back several times before leaving for our next destination.   Fitness should be FUN and that's exactly what Body Beats was for me... FUN!  Thanks again Balance Dance Studios!  

Take a peek at my class by watching the video below...