Balance Dance Studios- Austin, TX

Austin, TX... My hometown and how I LOVE the fitness scene here.  Austin is known for their slogan of "Keep Austin Weird" but I'm thinking it should be more like "Keep Austin Fit".  This city has many unique fitness studios, healthy restaurants, and hike/bike trails, making it easy to stay active when visiting.   

CJ and I are spending a month in Austin and I decided to bring back my old dance team days by finding a studio that offers Adult fitness dance classes.  It didn't take long to find Balance Dance Studios.  After scrolling the website and speaking with the owner, I decided to take a class called "Body Beats" with fitness instructor Andi Loo.  This class is a GREAT cardio workout and incorporates upbeat songs.   The clients were extremely welcoming, which took a lot of pressure off of me to get the moves!  I'm definitely going to be back several times before leaving for our next destination.   Fitness should be FUN and that's exactly what Body Beats was for me... FUN!  Thanks again Balance Dance Studios!  

Take a peek at my class by watching the video below...

White Rock Fitness Ada, OK

C.J. and I are spending a week in the town of Ada, OK and when searching for gyms in the area we were pleasantly surprised! This small town has a lot to offer. A gym named White Rock Fitness caught our eye and we were excited to try out a group fitness class.

White Rock Fitness is located in the heart of Ada and was founded by fitness/nutrition enthusiasts Arron and Star Edwards.   They offer a variety of group classes that cover running, weightlifting, agility, strength, and even have an adult gymnastics class!  We decided to test out the Competitors Class at 5:30AM... yes I said AM.  We woke up early and arrived at the gym around 5:15AM... I was nervous to test out the class, but as soon as we walked into the gym I felt more at ease with the friendly greeting from trainers Cameron and  Michael. 

What we loved about White Rock Fitness

  •  Knowledgeable and friendly Staff
  • Welcoming and encouraging gym community
  • Variety of group classes
  • Clean and open facility

If you are in the Ada Oklahoma area, make sure to stop by and try a class... you won't be disappointed... just a little sore... okay, maybe a lot sore! Thanks for a great session White Rock!

See more on White Rock Fitness and my workout, just click the video below...

Kansas City

We were sad to leave Knob Noster State Park, but excited to get on the road and explore a new city.  I will be honest... we were a little confused about Kansas City.  Is it in Kansas? Is it in Missouri? Not going to lie, we had several moments of "what state am I in right now?" Truth is the city lies right on the border of both.. and if you want to get into the facts and have a history geek out moment then you can read all about the Kansas City name history here! 

First stop was Perry Lake, a beautiful campground located 1 hour from the city on the Kansas side.  We met up with several friends, built a fire, went fishing, roasted marshmallows... this was the real deal camping!  After one night it was on to the next stop... back over to Missouri to Weston Bend State Park.

Morning Yoga Session on the Lake

Morning Yoga Session on the Lake


Weston Bend State Park was beautiful and well maintained.  Rolling hills, huge trees,  scenic overlooks, and a well mapped out trail system.  

Day One we took a hike through the campground trail and watched the sunset at the overlook.

Day two we hit up the local gym! Genesis Health Clubs is a chain of gyms located in the midwest area.  We visited the Leavenworth Kansas location.  Kara tried out the group classes and C.J. hit up the weight room!  We were really impressed with the layout of the gym and the friendly staff.  If you are traveling or live in the midwest, definitely stop into Genesis Health Clubs! 

Day 3 we visited the World War 1 Museum in downtown Kansas City.  Highly recommend taking the time to visit this museum if you are in the area and if possible, stop by on a Wednesday when the admission is 1/2 off! C.J. and I were deeply impacted by the experience.  We believe it is important to learn and pay tribute to those who have protected and served our country.  

Back on the road! Next stop... OKLAHOMA! 

Knob Noster State Park

We pulled into Knob Noster State Park at 1pm on Sunday and were greeted by the friendly campground hosts.  The drive through the park was beautiful, surrounded by tall trees with plenty of shade.  We parked in slot 24 and pulled out the park map to see what activities and trails were close by.  


Knob Noster State Park is perfect for those who love to hike, fish, run, or bike.  We were very impressed with the trails, layout of the park, and the cleanliness (restrooms included).  There is even a golf course about 1/2 a mile from the park... CJ was excited to see this!

Mountain bikers and hikers, we highly recommend taking the Opossum Hollow trail! This 5.5 mile loop is shady and scenic...great for the beginners too! You can find a park map here.

Also, make sure to take a short walk to Lake Buteo.  The views are beautiful!  

Carthage, MO

We arrived in Missouri and decided to stay in Carthage for one night before making our way to Knob Noster State Park.  

When traveling in an RV you have several options for places to stay for a quick one night rest... 1) RV Parks or "Resorts", 2) Stay for free in a Wal Mart Parking lot... we've heard this applies for Home Depot and Lowe's too  3) State Park Campgrounds.   We decided to stop at Big Red Barn RV Resort. 

There wasn't a lot to the city of Carthage Missouri, but Big Red Barn RV Resort was a clean and friendly spot!  They give you chocolate chip cookies when checking in... SCORE!  We were shown our slot for the night and decided to turn in early to get plenty of rest for the last leg of the drive the following day.  


I woke up early for a run and to see if Missouri had a great sunrise... I was in for a treat!  Welcome to Missouri!